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Otsikko: HTG Custom Show
Kirjoitti: MMAF Puheenjohtaja - 08 Tammikuu 2015, 11:53:31

 2nd - 3rd May 2015 Estonia

 HTG Custom Show is the biggest show of custom cars and motorcycles in
 Estonia and all the Baltics.
 Our goal is to unite people with similar interests – great vehicles!
 HTG Custom Show is the meeting place for motorenthusiasts of all kinds. It
 presents an opportunity to get inspired and recognized by the best in line
 from many European countries.
 With your help we aim to encourage young people in Estonia to find a
 socially acceptable and rewarding way for their interest in motors. We
 believe that custom cars and motorcycles represent a specific handiwork
 therefore a unique type of art.

 This spring we celebrate the 6th year and we are happy to introduce you a
 new location in our beautiful home country. HTG Custom Show 2015 takes
 place away from the capital in a charming town called Võru in
 South-Estonia. Here is a section from that should give you a
 small introduction to this beautiful and
 oh-so-different-from-anything-else-in-Estonia city:
 Throughout the centuries the people of Võru have somehow managed to hang
 on to their own language – a language that is a bit different, and for
 which they are well-known and admired by a lot of people. It is, after
 a remarkable asset. Võru folk themselves are a bit different too: they are
 more outspoken, for a start, but more open and good-tempered too;
 sometimes naïve, perhaps, and occasionally helpless in the face of the
 world’s greed
 and duplicity. The people here value their own culture and traditions and
 are proud of the fact that they are just that little bit different.

 Welcome to HTG Custom Show in Võru Spordikeskus .

•       May 1st, Friday. Time schedule Construction day.
 Team HTG is present from 8.00. to 00.00.
 The hall is opened for exhibitors from 10.00. to 22.00.
 Special arrangements for foreign visitors can be made by HTG management
 according to timetables of ferrys.
 All showpiece vehicles need to be washed and dried in order to get to the
 exhibition area.
 When coordinated with team HTG the exhibitors can use lights, tents,
 commercial banners and smoke machines to build their presentation areas
 adjust hi-fi and multimedia cars.
 All exhibits must be properly marked.
 Every person in exhibition area must be registered and wear a neckline and
 wristband of HTG Custom Show.
 Security team will control the execution of these requirements and ensure
 that no unregistered person gets access to the exhibition area.
 Exhibition area is opened for journalists with previous registration from
 14.00. to 20.00.
•       May 2nd, Saturday. I exhibition day.
 The hall is opened for the team and exhibitors from 8.30 to 19.00.
 For visitors from 10.00. to 18.00.
•       May 3rd, Sunday. II exhibition day.
 The hall is opened for the team and exhibitors from 9.30 to 22.30.
 For visitors from 10.00. to 17.00.
 During both exhibition days there will be different competitions,
 presentations and shows. Best conduction of the days is traditionally
 presented by Kristjan Nõmme.

 HTG Custom Show is opened to applications from 1.12.2014. Do not miss it!

 Ringa Lotta
 Team HTG