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Ranska: C.A.L.L. eli Custom Association Liberty Legality

Ranskassa näyttäisi olevan asetelma oikein herkullisessa vaiheessa. Kuuluukohan ylenmääräinen provokaatio kulttuuriin?

Katsastusraportista babelfishin kautta "käännettyä"
7.2.4. To take lawful measures to fight the phenomena of tunning.
The development of the technical and aesthetic transformations of the two-wheeled vehicles (and of private cars) by their owners (" tuning") is a phenomenon which tends to develop. He is encouraged by a certain number of salesmen who are not always vigilant on the regularity of the accessories proposed in their catalogue with the glance highway code. These transformations indeed often contribute to modify the features concerning the performances (rise in the power) and the road behavior (careenage, suspension) within limits which n' were not envisaged by the manufacturer. By today, the conformity of these vehicles is very seldom checked. It is thus important that initiatives are taken (technical control could meet this aim) to make it possible to compare any vehicle with the data sheet of reception of manufacturer who could be consulted on the computing system of the center.

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